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BEULINES Cross-Linked hyaluronic acid dermal filler is a unique stabilized hyaluronic acid of non animal origin. This injectable hyaluronic acid is mainly used for removing fine lines and wrinkles around eyes,forehead, mouth areas;sculpt facial structure;enhance the volume of jaws or cheeks;enlarge breast and buttck,etc. It’s a single use product. BEULINES is specifically dedicated in the hyaluronic acid filler industry for years. 

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Brief information:


2, Composition: 24mg/ml stabilized hyaluronic acid

3, Material Origin:Top material made in China

4, Cross-Linked agent: BDDE 

5, Quantity of Needles/Piece: 2 needles

6, Shelf life:3 years

Use Area and Function:
BEULINES dermal filler includes 4 models,they are Fine,Derm,Deep,Subskin.Different types of dermal fillers are designed to treat varying signs of aging.

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Application :

BEUFILLER dermal filler includes 4 models,they are Derm,Derm Deep,Derm Plus,Meso.

Type Derm Derm Deep Derm Plus Meso
Volume of syringe 1ml/2ml 1ml/2ml 10ml/20ml 1ml
Material Cross-linked HA Cross-linked HA Cross-linked HA Non Cross-linked HA
HA concentration 24mg/ml 24mg/ml 20mg/ml 15mg/ml
Particle size 0.15mm-0.28mm 0.28mm-0.5mm 0.5mm-1.25mm None
Approximate number of gel particles ml 100000 10000 5000 None
27G 30G Not supplied with a syringe, Meso gun or derma roller
Where to inject Middle part of dermis Deep layer of dermis and/of surface layer of subcutis Upper part of dermis the surface or middle layer of the skin
Recommended indications Moderate wrinkles Deep facial wrinkles and folds Large deep wirnkles and folds Fine Line Reduction
Treatment Glabellar lines,Tear trough,Nasolabial folds,Nasolabial groove,Oral commissures Rhinoplasty,Nose,Lip enhancement,Chin augmentation,Cheeks padding,Cheek augmentation Breast enlargement,
Buttocks enlargement
Skin Rejuvenation, Skin lightening, Skin Whitening, Skin Moisture, Fine Line Reduction
Duration 6-18months 6-24months 9-24months 2-6months

Non animal




One syringe and two needles of BD in a PVC Blister,One Blister and instruction in a retail box.

Why Choose Us?

1.20 years history

Our factory has 20 years production experences on hyaluronic acid dermal filler,and has more than 10 years experiences on oem.we have professional design department to help you customize your logo,your packaging,carry out your idea to improve your own brand influence,MOQ of customize service is only 50 pcs.welcome to visit us!

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2.GMP workshop
The workshop is a class 10,000 workshop for class III medical devices,we have a terminal sterilization technology and strict quality control system,The sodium hyaluronate gel is sterilized by high pressure steam,and the needle is sterilized by gamma rays.The preparation is aseptic and pyrogen-free,which ensure the safety and high quality of the products without pollution.

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3.Top production equipment
The company imported the most advanced production equipment imported from Europe countries,such as Automatic vacuum filling and stoppering machine from Germany OPTIMA, two-door cabinet type sterilizer from Sweden GETINGE, Agilent HPLC, UV, Shimadzu GC, Malvern rheometer, etc.

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4.Highly popular
We have got 94.4% 5 star Praise rate in the past 1 years.
Quality Complaints established in the past 1 years: 0.
60.98% customers will place the order again.

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BRULINES Cross Linked HA Dermal Filler Gels (4)


Q: How is natural HA degraded in the body?

A: Free radicals cause breaks that release HA chains.

Q: Hyaluronidases on and in cells degrade the released HA chains

A: Small segments can leave the body with urine.

Q: How is Beufiller gel degraded in the body?

A: Once chains have been released they follow the same pathway as natural HA.

Q: Can the body degrade the large amount of HA filler-gel that is injected for body treatment?

A: Yes! The amount of HA that is degraded and eliminated each day from the implant is negligible compared to what is normally degraded in the body.

Q: What about BDDE?

A: The level of residual BDDE is very low in the final product. The dose is below what is considered safe by guidelines.

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