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What is BEULINES Mesotherapy Fat Reduce Solution?
BEULINES Mesotherapy Fat Reduce Solution is an effective, non-surgical treatment used to improve cellulite.It is called mesotherapy because a mixture of fat-dissolving enzymes is distributed into the mesoderma i.e the fat and connective tissue that lies beneath the skin surface.
Cellulite mesotherapy is an effective, successful method used to remove excess cellulite from the skin surface.The main enzymes for cellulite mesotherapy are Carnitine, caffeine combined with diffreant minerals and vitamins. After injected into the fat layer in a certain proportion of normal saline, lidocaine, sodium bicarbonate, epinephrine, etc., which can effectively promote the expansion and decomposition of the stubborn fat layer, so that the fat is more easily broken down into fatty acids instead of supplying body energy.


Main Ingredient:
Aqua (Water),Carnitine,Caffeine,Phenoxyethanol,Methylsilanol Mannuronate,Centella Asiatica Extract,Ethylhexylglycerin.



Reduce the cellulite shaping.

Reduce the water retention.

Activate the lipolysis,promoting fat burning.

Helping fights against accumulated fat deposits.



Injection depth: 6mm to 13mm.
Injection spacing: 2mm-10mm apart.
Injection amount: 0.2cc -0.5cc per injection.
Mesotherapy technique: Point by Point.
Treatment schedule: Every 2-3 weeks, approx. 5-10 sessions.
Maintenance schedule: Every 3-4 months.

A course of treatment is generally 3-4 times, the specific number of times depends on personal obesity. There is no fixed number of injections for lipolysis, because the individual’s physique and obesity area are different, the number of injections and the course of treatment will be different. Under normal circumstances, for more stubborn fat, the doctor will ask the recipients to have another course of treatment for about 3 months each.

They can be imported by Four ways:

METHOD ONE:Importing with syringe.

METHOD TWO:Importing mesotherapy gun.

METHOD THREE:Importing with derma roller.

METHOD FOUR:Importing with derma pen.


In what treatment areas cellulite mesotherapy can be applied?
Cellulite can appear in any given area of the body but the most common treatment areas are:
Upper thighs,Hips,Upper arms,Love Handle,abdomen,Double chin.
Cellulite mesotherapy can be used to treat cellulite for both males and females.

What results are expected from cellulite mesotherapy treatment?
For clinically apparent results patients should have 3-6 treatment sessions. Each session is repeated every 2-3 weeks. Results start to be visible after the 2nd session. The number of treatments needed depends from the length of cellulite,location of the cellulite, gender and vascular abnormalities are present. During treatment, for maximum results, patients are advised to hydrate their body, follow a healthier diet and exercise on frequent occasions.


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What Are The Other Models?

BEULINES mesotherapy solution includes 5 models,

Mesotherapy Fat reduce Solution,

Mesotherapy Whitening Solution,

Mesotherapy Hair Growth Solution,

Mesotherapy Anti-aging Solution,

Mesotherapy Anti-Melano Solution.

Different types of mesotherapy serum injections are designed to treat varying signs of beauty problem.

Product model Mesotherapy Fat reduce Solution Mesotherapy Whitening Solution Mesotherapy Hair Growth Solution Mesotheraply Anti-aging Solution Mesotherapy  Anti-Melano Solution
Use Part Body, Neck, Face, Buttocks Face, Body, Neck, nose, hand Hair Face Face
Treatment schedule every 2-3 weeks (approx.5-10 session) every 2-3 weeks (approx.4 session) Once per week (approx.4 session) every 2-3 weeks (approx.4 session) every 2 weeks (approx.4-6session)
Maintenance schedule every 3-4 months every 3-4 months every 4-6 months every 3-4 months every 3-4 months
Indications 1. Reducing cellulite shaping and promoting fat burning.
2. Upper thighs, hips, abdomen and upper arms.
1.Reducing sun induced epidermal pigmentation
2.Fights age spots in the skin.
3.Noticeable effects on the reduction and prevention of hyperpigmentation by decreasing the melanin synthesis.
1. Reduces hair loss
2. Promote hair regrowth
3.Strengthen thin hair
4. Bald area of the scalp
1. Reducing the skin wrinkles
2. Revitalize the skin radiance
1. Reducing the skin pigmentation
2.Fights age spots in the skin.
3.Noticeable effects on the reduction and prevention of hyperpigmentation by decreasing the melanin synthesis.
CAUTIONS: Apply the product after cleansing.
Apply the product in the area to be treated with circular movement massage or add it into a cream/ mask. Gently patting, massage for several seconds until completely absorbed.
Add the product to a gel intended for use in transdermic mesotherapy or other type of electrotherapy treatment such as altrasounds, ionization or other types f medical devices used in aesthetic treatments.
Avoid getting into eyes.

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