“Bring the Wind and Waves, Dreams and Voyage In 2021″ Annual Conference

Looking back on the past and looking forward to the future, on January 23, Guangzhou BEULINES grandly held a year-end summary conference with the theme of “Bring the Wind and Waves, Dreams and Voyage In 2021″. The BEULINES family gathered together. We are thinking, brainstorming, and planning for the future. We encourage advanced and commend excellence, and thank the BEULINES family for their hard work.

In order to respond to the epidemic situation and cooperate with active epidemic prevention, this year we changed the format of the annual meeting and conducted targeted discussions on the work of various departments in the form of seminars. Everyone summarized their work, shared experience, brainstormed, and targeted problems and difficulties,and discuss.

This year, BEULINES stand with customers, faced with epidemic prevention and control, faced with delivery difficulties, and faced customs reform. BEULINES insists on continuous innovation, strict management, and efficient service to provide customers with high-quality products and comprehensive solutions.

From the difficulties at the beginning of the year to the progress at the end of the year, strict service quality control and a service attitude of excellence are the basis for BEULINES to make steady progress in the harsh market environment in 2020. BEULINES always upholds its own social responsibilities while adhering to corporate development,recognized by customers, employees and the industry.

In 2020, BEULINES fully demonstrated its professionalism and efficiency in the field of medical aesthetics, and was highly recognized by customers.

2020 is the 19th year of the establishment of BEULINES.

It is an important milestone in the development of BEULINES.

New goals have been established, and a new journey is about to begin

No matter how the times change.

As long as we don’t forget our original intention, we will continue to struggle,It is bound to usher in a more brilliant tomorrow!

In the new year 2021,beulines transformed and set sail, we will uphold our original intention and ride the wind and waves!

Welcome 2021 new leap!

Welcome 2021 new leap!

Post time: Mar-02-2021