Anti-Aging Serum: An honest review

Lancôme’s Génifique anti-aging serum has been the hero product of classic beauty brands for many years. But recently, the French cosmetics and skin care company reviewed its Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Serum formula and revised the ingredient list to include seven prebiotics and probiotics, including sugars, amino acids and lipids, to provide nutrition. The new formula claims to significantly improve gloss in just 7 days. Does it work? Four W editors in their 20s to 40s tried it out and recorded their honest answers.
When I think of Lancome, I think of the brand’s megawatt celebrity ambassadors, especially Julia Roberts and Zendaya. Who can forget Julia walking on the water while bathing in diamonds in the La Vie Est Belle advertisement? Or the 2019 Idôle perfume advertisement, in which Zendaya is riding a stunning brindle gray horse charging near Los Angeles, showing the equestrian prowess reminiscent of Russell Crowe in “Gladiator.” (Except for Zendaya in a light peach evening gown riding bareback. Russell, I want to see if you try that!)
I admit that I have been a beauty editor long enough that I remember the original formula was launched in 2009!
I tend to use small brands of cleansing and/or high-tech skin care products, such as Augustinus Bader, Biologique Recherche, Vintner’s Daughter, and Dr. Barbara Sturm, but millions of people complain about Génifique (or Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair or La Mer, For that matter)-they have a luxurious feel and produce effects. My first impression of any product is its packaging and ease of use. As I wrote in this column before, I am fascinated by the high-quality dropper and pump mechanism. I am happy to report that the Génifique dropper is perfectly designed. When you tighten the cap, it will even make a satisfying click-this is a genius way to ensure that the expensive serum is properly sealed after every use. I don’t like products with strong fragrances. Fortunately, this product smells nothing like it. My skin care routine is never complicated, but during the 7-day trial period, I was more streamlined than usual, using only cleanser, SPF and Génifique. But I can easily add other products. The smooth, lightweight formula of the concentrate penetrates quickly and easily, so it works well with other products.
I agree? However, considering that 7 days coincide with my birthday, I (and 40 fully vaccinated friends) celebrated outdoors with big buckets of pink champagne, too many mango margaritas and too few delicious snacks , Improving brilliance is always a challenge. I am sure that the resulting lack of sleep and dehydration will not help my poor bottle of Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate, although I try to make up for party-related frustrations by applying these things on my face and neck, and go to my chest three or four times a day. , The reason is that the more the better. I have to say, I think Génifique makes my skin look firmer and feel softer on weekends. Now, it would be great if it can make the dark circles disappear.
Unless my job requires it, I usually don’t cheat on Bader, Biologique, and Sturm. Therefore, although Génifique is an excellent product, it may not rotate permanently. In other words, I will definitely finish this bottle!
“Lancome” reminds me of a brand that means business—and (according to Kate Winslet, anyway,) does know something about them. I usually associate them with mascara and I am completely unfamiliar with products such as Génifique. (I know almost nothing about serum.)
I immediately liked the glass bottle and the dropper, especially since I had to use very few serums (although it would take some time to get used to it). It is very sticky, but only about 15 seconds to dissolve. After that, I didn’t notice it, partly because of the very little smell. To be honest, this product has always been my all-skin routine because I don’t wear makeup except for eyeliner and I am still looking for a relatively heavy but still good quality moisturizer for summer.
Well, I have never thought about looking in the mirror, wow, I’m shining! But I have never looked in the mirror to see that I have been sweating a lot in the past few weeks. I have been wearing a mask and sleeping very little. I did not notice any dryness, even though I did not use any moisturizer.
Yes it is! I plan to stop using it temporarily, and then use it again when things (including heat) slow down later this summer to see the effect.
When I think of Lancome, I always think of the photos taken by the iconic Isabella Rosselini for their Keracils mascara campaign-this is an unforgettable beauty advertisement that has been deeply rooted in me since I was young In his mind.
I don’t know anything about it-and I haven’t entered Lancome for a long time. I don’t know why not, because their mascara and eyeliner are really great. They will not stain and last the longest.
At this stage of my life, my attitude is “try to impress me”. I know what works for my skin, and I know how to understand any changes in my skin after switching to a new product, tool or lifestyle change. Before I started using Génifique to pay close attention to any changes and improvements, I was very thorough and made sure not to use any retinol or AHA for a week. I used cleansing skin care products-including Seiso JBeauty Foaming Cleanser, Sisley’s Hydratante Cucumber Day Cream and Natura Bissé’s Diamond Cream-my skin is used to it and I want to be able to measure the true effect of the serum. I added Genifique essence under the above products in the morning and evening. (Note: I haven’t used sunscreen for ten days-I just wore a hat when I went out, so it simplifies the skin test as much as possible.) The serum was a bit sticky at first, but afterwards it dissolved and I was able Layer it with my moisturizer.
I did see the results. My skin looks visibly brighter. But honestly, the amazing factor disappeared on the fifth day. I don’t know why, there is no change in my skin routine or my living habits. I have enough sleep and water for ten days. It may be that my skin has accepted what it needs, and then adapted to its own normal state.
I will use it again in a few months to change my skin, maybe a few days (I always mix and rotate products-I think this is the best form of consistency you can give your face). But in general, I still prefer plant-based skin care products. Apart from Retin-A or retinol, I find that plant-based products work best on my skin.
I love, love, love this serum. It is not sticky at all-it is very smooth and dry and matte, leaving my skin feeling moisturized. It does not leave any residue, nor does it make my skin greasy or sticky, so it is very suitable for use during makeup. The smell is not big, it smells good. Some of my other products are scented, and my skin is very sensitive and sometimes reacts negatively to strong odors.
I usually use my serums directly after showering to make sure they are absorbed into my skin as much as possible. Génifique can be used in the morning and evening, but I always use it in the morning because I just like the product after makeup. It is buildable and also easy to layer with other moisturizers. Compared to other products I have tried in the past, I would say this is the best serum I have ever used. Other products usually feel thick and sticky under makeup, but this does not.
I did see the results. After using it, my skin glows. I have been using Génifique for a month and have not stopped using it. So yes, I will definitely use this product again (over and over again).

Post time: Jul-22-2021