China’s medical device industry ushered in a golden period

医美According to market research firm Frost & Sullivan, China’s entire medical instrument and equipment market is expected to double to US$53.7 billion by 2015. From 2009 to 2011, the government is expected to invest a total of US$124 billion in health care reform, especially in 2011 as the first year of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, which will achieve full coverage of the basic medical security system, which will become a major asset in the history of China’s medical reform. Milestone of the year. Statistics show that in 2011, China’s medical and health industry will rank third in the world.

Judging from the data of MEDICA and CompaMED, the world’s number one medical industry exhibition platform in 2010, the world medical industry has also maintained a steady development. Last year, the scale of MEDICA and CompaMED exhibitions both maintained growth, especially the scale of Chinese exhibitors’ exhibitions increased year by year. This also reflects the development and progress of China’s medical industry in recent years.

As a major event in China’s medical equipment industry, the 2011 International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition (CHINA MED2011) will be held at the Beijing National Convention Center from March 25th to 27th. CHINA MED2011 is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Health of the General Logistics Department of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, China World Trade Center Co., Ltd., Huitong Xingye International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Dusseldorf Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to help companies and hospitals in China’s medical device industry has ushered in the golden age and seized the market opportunity.

Build a high-end platform and commit to global promotion

CHINA MED was first founded in 1989 and held once a year. The scale has expanded year by year, and exhibitors have continued to increase. CHINA MED is not only a window to showcase the world’s medical industry, but also the first stop for international medical institutions to enter China. CHINA MED, as the first domestic international medical instrument and equipment exhibition certified by the International Exhibition Industry Association (UFI), has always been adhering to the purpose of internationalization and professionalism, and is committed to creating a commercial platform for high-end exhibitions in the medical instrument and equipment industry.

In order to help companies better grasp the new market opportunities, the organizers vigorously promote CHINA MED 2011. The exhibition is expected to have an exhibition area of ​​30,000 square meters, about 550 exhibitors and about 26,000 visitors, including deans and equipment directors from the military and various local hospitals, and there are many dealers and agents with purchases of more than 5 million. .

While actively attracting investment in China, the organizer also makes full use of the resources of the exhibition’s international support unit MEDICA and major global medical information platforms to promote the exhibition internationally. It is understood that currently the special booths are basically sold out, and the supply of standard booths is also quite tight.

In addition, the official website of the organizer is also providing 24-hour uninterrupted online services for exhibitors and visitors, and continuously optimizing the overall service. From April 1, 2010 to December 22, the total traffic to the website reached 153,947 times, which was much higher than the 119,988 times in the same period last year, a year-on-year increase of 28.30%. The organizer also set up a customer service hotline 4006-234-578 to provide consulting services for visitors and exhibitors. These services have been recognized by exhibitors and visitors, and most customers are satisfied.

Gather new products and lock in hot topics

Another highlight of CHINA MED 2011 is that well-known companies in the medical industry will exhibit their latest products. So far, Toshiba has confirmed that it will display the latest 640-slice computed tomography “Aquilion ONE”, which is suitable for cardiovascular disease diagnosis, with faster scanning speed, smaller radiation dose and developer usage, and clearer images. U.S.-China mutual benefit will bring the “Da Vinci Surgical Robot” system jointly developed by Intuitive Surgical of the United States by NASA and others. As the most sophisticated third-generation surgical robot in the world, it has the most dexterous wrist in the world. It can even complete precise actions that are difficult for ordinary people, such as tasks that are impossible for endoscopic surgeons to complete in a small space. As one of the world’s most professional radiotherapy equipment manufacturers, Swedish Elekta will highlight its digital linear accelerator Compact with good upgrade space, powerful Mosaiq tumor information management system, volume rotation intensity modulated arc therapy technology (Vmat ), Intuity, an integrated solution for tumor imaging and treatment, and Symmetry, a new-generation tumor motion management solution.

More than 20 on-site activities in four categories, including medical imaging, healthcare, clinical technology, and bidding and procurement, will also be held during the exhibition. Among them, the “President Summit Forum” was held for the first time. The forum will invite hospital experts and leaders of the Government Procurement Department of the Ministry of Finance to discuss various aspects of hospital economic efficiency management and observe the hospital’s bidding and procurement activities on site. In order to cooperate with the general guiding ideology and policy of “Strategic Forward, Focus Down” in China’s medical and health industry, CHINA MED2011 and the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering will co-host the “Personal, Family and Community Health Information Network System Seminar”, and specially invite Experts from the Institute of Aviation Medicine, the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, the Fourth Military Medical University, and remote information centers in Shanghai, Shenyang, Wuxi and other places discussed and communicated with industry professionals.

 ——The Beijing News

Post time: Mar-02-2021