Each anti-aging treatment and ingredient explanation

Entering the world of aesthetic dermatology for the first time is a bit like driving in a new city without GPS: you may get lost, take some detours, and encounter some bumps along the way.
As far as anti-aging treatments and ingredients are concerned, the rate of development of new technologies and formulas is dizzying. Although aging is a privilege, if you are curious about which ingredients and office care can help reduce the obvious signs of aging (such as fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and uneven texture), it is completely understandable.
Fortunately, you have come to the right place. We have contacted top dermatologists across the country to break down the most popular and in-demand anti-aging ingredients and treatments they recommend to patients.
Can supplementing collagen improve the skin? Should you get Botox or Juvaderm? Get all the answers in advance about the hottest anti-aging terms.
“Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) are water-soluble acids derived from fruits, mainly used for exfoliating, but they also promote blood flow, correct discoloration, brighten skin tone, prevent acne and increase the absorption of other products. They weaken skin cells. The combination between them makes them easier to fall off. Like most skin care products, because the skin cycle is rotated every two to three weeks, it needs to be used continuously to maintain the effect. AHA has less side effects, especially glycolic acid or lactic acid. The acid is because these two are more moisturizing AHA. Regular use can maintain the effect, but be careful, especially when combining AHA with retinol. I recommend using one at a time and staggering the introduction of the other This is because both products cause slight peeling and irritation when they are first launched.”-Dr. Corey L. Hartman, founder of Skin Wellness Dermatology, Birmingham, Alabama
“Botulinum toxin is the most popular form of neuromodulator on the market. Neuromodulators work by reducing the amplitude of muscle expression. This can almost immediately improve fine lines and wrinkles and delay the appearance of new ones. Nerve The immediate effect of toxins on ordinary patients lasts for about three months. However, performing an operation once a year will still delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but regular operations will produce cumulative benefits.-Dr. Elyse Love, certified dermatologist in New York City
“Radiesse [brand name] is considered a biostimulant because it stimulates your body’s own collagen production, and is used to replace the volume of the face and deeper layers, not to reduce fine lines. It is produced by our It is made of a material called calcium hydroxyapatite found in bones and has a firm consistency. It is most suitable for areas that require definition, lifting and volume, such as the chin, chin, examination bone, and temples. It is FDA approved for use in hands. The first product for rejuvenation. The injection is effective immediately after use and lasts for 12-18 months. If Radiesse has complications or the results are lower than expected, sodium thiosulfate can be injected to reverse the effects of Radiesse (however, not all skins The department or the plastic surgery office will stock up regularly).”-Dr. Shari Marchbein, Board Certified Dermatologist in New York City
“Chemical peels use chemical agents to regenerate the superficial skin by inducing controlled wounds and removing specific layers of the skin (whether superficial, middle or deep). Therefore, the peel promotes healthy, fresh, and new superficial growth of the skin, helping to appear different Type of pigmentation, treat acne, and improve the appearance of pores, texture, fine lines, wrinkles, etc. Depending on the peel type and peel strength, peeling and “downtime” may be different. The peeled skin can also decide peeling Duration and duration. After peeling, your skin may feel tight and may be a little red. Any visible peeling will be fluffy or slight, usually lasting about five days. Use mild cleansers, moisturizers and Sunscreen will promote the healing process and results, and reduce downtime.”-Dr. Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, board certified dermatologist and founder of Entière Dermatology
“Collagen is the main structural protein that forms connective tissues throughout our body, from skin to bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. After 25 years of age, our body begins to produce less collagen, reducing skin by about 1% every year. To When we are 50 years old, almost no new collagen is produced, and the remaining collagen will be broken down, broken and weakened, which will make the skin more fragile, wrinkled and sagging. External aging, such as smoking, diet Sun exposure can also lead to loss of collagen and elastin, uneven skin pigmentation, and in the worst case, skin cancer.
“Although there are some studies that support the idea that certain collagen supplements can increase skin elasticity, hydration, and dermal collagen density, there are more studies that refute these findings and basically indicate that the collagen we consume is Stomach and amino acids will never enter the skin at a high enough concentration to produce clinical effects. That is to say, there is good evidence that peptide creams and serums can stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin and improve skin firmness. “Toning and relaxation, as well as retinoid topically help stimulate collagen. In the office, there are many options, including laser skin resurfacing, fillers, microneedles, and radio frequency. The best results usually come from using a combination of multiple methods. “-Dr. Shari Marchbein, Board Certified Dermatologist in New York City
“Also called CoolSculpting, this treatment freezes fat. When the fat is frozen, it causes the cells in the fat layer to die. After a few weeks, the fat cells die, so you are losing fat. The benefit is not great, but The result is long-lasting. Some patients experience fat gain, which is very common and has been documented in the medical literature as a side effect of CoolSculpting. The only way to remove this extra fat is called abnormal lipoplasia (PAH), which is liposuction , This is surgery.”-Dr. Bruce Katz, founder of the JUVA Skin and Laser Center in New York City
“Magnetic fields are used to make muscles contract quickly, which is much faster than during exercise-about 20,000 repetitions in 30 minutes. Because muscles contract so fast, they need a source of energy, so they break down adjacent fat and also improve Muscle. This is one of the most effective non-invasive treatments for fat loss and muscle gain. [I usually recommend] treatment twice a week for two weeks. The results will last for more than a year without side effects.”-Dr. Bruce Katz
“This treatment uses a magnetic field, but it also increases radio frequency, which helps muscles contract more effectively. It can increase muscles and remove more fat. Compared with the original treatment, fat removal has increased by about 30%. Increased EmSculpt by 25%. It requires treatment twice a week, and the effect can last for a year or more. There has never been any side effects.”-Dr. Bruce Katz
“Lattice lasers can be ablative or non-ablative. Non-ablative lattice lasers include Fraxel, and ablative lattice lasers include some CO2 lasers and erbium lasers. Halo lasers combine ablative and non-ablation lattices Equipment. Fractional laser provides fine to moderate wrinkles, sun spots and skin texture. Exfoliative lasers can improve deep wrinkles and scars. Both should be used selectively and used by experts of color. The result is long-lasting Yes, but most people will have a non-exfoliative fraxel that is performed once a year. Generally speaking, due to longer downtime, the frequency of ablation procedures is lower.”-Dr. Elyse Love
“Hyaluronic acid filler restores a more youthful appearance by replenishing lost volume. This multifunctional ingredient can be used in various products of various brands to solve sagging central face, emaciation around the face, fine lines and wrinkles, and creases. Marks and wrinkles as well as provide overall lift to overcome gravity and heritability. Deeper fillers, such as Juvederm Voluma and Restylane Lyft provide the basis for lift, imitate bones and give structure. Juvederm Volbella provides luster to perioral wrinkles, and Restylane Kysse provides contour And volume restores the lip body. Restylane Defyne gives contour and balance to the chin, chin and contour. Injection of hyaluronidase can easily dissolve and remove the hyaluronic acid filler, so if the result is not ideal, the patient will never really fall in love with the product Not as expected.”-Dr. Corey L. Hartman
“IPL is a wide range of light equipment that targets erythema-rosacea or sun exposure-and sunburn on the skin. It can be used to treat the face and body but should be used with caution on colored skin” due to the risk of burns and hyperpigmentation increase. It can also cause melasma, so I will avoid it in that crowd. The results of IPL are long-lasting, although most people will experience additional redness and/or sun spots over time. “-Dr. Elyse Love
“Kybella is used on the label to treat submental plumpness (double chin). It is an injectable treatment that permanently breaks down the fat in the area. After treatment, the fat is permanently destroyed.”-Dr. Elyse Love
“I pioneered laser lipolysis, the first in China. The treatment requires local anesthesia. Laser fibers are inserted under the skin to melt fat and tighten the skin. The only side effects are bruising and swelling, and the result is permanent.”-Dr. Bruce Katz
“Microneedles produce small microchannels and skin damage at different depths through acupuncture-sized needles, depending on the depth of the needle setting. By causing these micro-damages to the skin, the body will naturally respond through stimulation and produce Collagen to treat fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, stretch marks, acne scars, and texture problems. The microneedle surgery performed by the dermatologist in the office uses sterile needles that are pierced deep enough to cause bleeding to provide consistent and effective As a result. Collagen irritation and improvement of skin texture will occur within one to three months. Microneedling is not suitable for every skin type or problem. If you are dealing with inflammation such as psoriasis or eczema, tanning, sunburn, and should For skin infections such as cold sores and microneedles.”-Dr. Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin
“Nicotinamide, also known as niacinamide, is a form of vitamin B3 and is water-soluble like other B vitamins. It has multiple benefits for the skin, including helping to support the skin barrier, prevent moisture loss, even out skin tone, and calm down Inflammation and provides antioxidant benefits. It is considered to be gentle on the skin, so it can be used on all skin types. Although you may see some changes after a few weeks, it usually takes 8 to 12 weeks to fully achieve the effect. Be patient.”-Dr. Marisa Garshick, Board Certified Dermatologist in New York City
“On the other hand, Sculptra works differently from other filler options. Sculptra contains poly-L-lactic acid, which stimulates your body’s own natural collagen production. The result is a very natural and soft volume increase over a period of months. Repeat the treatment. This is not immediate, so the patient needs to realize that the foundation is being laid, and then start to increase the formation of collagen about six weeks after the first treatment. A series of treatment times are recommended. Sculptra needs to be reconstituted before injection , It is used to add volume to the entire face and to label areas such as the neck, chest and buttocks. Sculptra lasts for nearly two years, and it is recommended to be retouched for about one year. Sculptra cannot be reversed.”-Dr. Shari Marchbein
“QWO is the first FDA-approved cellulite injection to remove moderate to severe cellulite in adult women’s buttocks. This is an office surgery; the injection can dissolve the collagen accumulation in the fibrous bands. It is the thickening of the underside of the skin and the “sag” appearance of cellulite. To see the results, the patient needs three treatments. After these treatments, the results can usually be seen quickly within three to six weeks. I participated in QWO’s Clinical trials, so far, patients have seen results that lasted for two and a half years.”-Dr. Bruce Katz
“This treatment uses radio frequency to melt fat. It applies electrical current to the skin and transmits the electrical current to the fat layer. It also tightens the skin. At best, it has only a modest benefit. Patients will see a little bit of fat removal and no side effects. “-Dr. Bruce Katz
“The role of retinoic acid is to promote the rapid turnover and death of surface skin cells, making way for the growth of new cells below. They will hinder the decomposition of collagen, thicken the deep skin where wrinkles begin, and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Retinol is not a permanent result, but to reset the starting point. Continuous use will affect the speed of the [aging] process. Retinol is the best preventive effect, so don’t wait until wrinkles and dark spots appear before starting to use it. Another misconception about retinol is that “they make the skin thinner-this is far from the truth. It actually thickens the skin by increasing the production of glycosaminoglycans, thereby keeping the skin firm, firm and smooth. “-Dr. Corey L. Hartman
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